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Cashship was founded with the objective of providing financial and telecommunications services to migrant workers, providing a useful, safe and economical platform for them to support their families and friends in their homeland.

Remittances are a sign of the great solidarity of migrants with their families, their sacrifice and effort inspires us to design tools to make it easier to send money, through various models and services such as: money transfers, gift cards, telephone top-ups, payments of services, among other services, which will make this flow of capital more convenient. We want to support you in a better quality of life for your loved ones.

Our Purpose Is To Make More With Your Money!
With Cashship, you can send money, top up cell phones, pay bills and more
Bank transfer
Transfer money directly to majors banks worldwide
Cash pickup
Get cash from many locations worldwide in minutes
Debit card
Send money to debit cards that can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs or to pay in stores
Realod phones
Top-ups cell phones in real time in more than 160 countries
Pay bills
Pay your family’s bills fast and easy
Cashship is a global, cross-border money transfer and mobile top-up platform.
Countries Covered
Global Partners
What our customers say
Yuno Bravokoniv
Amazing, I like the fact that reward program discounts are applied automatically
Maria Gonzalez
“Extremely Happy with Your Service, has the best rates”
Willie Brandsom
“Great service, send money through the app don't have to leave my home to send money”
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